Company Owner & Associate Application



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Address or P.O. Box:
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Company Representative:

Year Business was started:
Number of Employees:
Other Association Memberships:

Please Check all that Apply:
 A. Light Duty Towing
 B-M. Medium Duty
 B-H. Heavy Duty
 C. Car Carrier
 D. Lo-Bed Trailer Class 4
 E. Crane Service & Other
 F. Air Cushion
 G. Emergency Road Service (autos)
 H. Emergency Road Service (trucks)
 I. Garage Service (autos)
 J. Garage Service (trucks)
 M. Manufacturer of Towing Equipment
 R. Rotator
 S. Sell & Service Towing Equipment

 Active ($225 annual dues): Owners of a wrecker service to which the operation of motor vehicle towing equipment is an integral part of the economic viability of the business and not incidental to a repair or service facility.
 Associate ($100 annual dues): Persons, businesses, or agencies engaged in business related to the towing industry
Please make check payable to Towing and Recovery Association of Ohio and mail to:
  Towing and Recovery Association of Ohio
P.O. Box 62476
Cincinnati, Ohio 45262

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